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Lessons Learned from the Experts – Grieving Children

This is a chapter Dawn wrote for the book Science and Religion in Education - How to Respond to Children's Questions edited by Michael Schleifer and Victoria Talwar

Read Dawn's chapter here

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The Process of Dying – Mind/Body/Spirit
This essay outlines the natural process of death.
"It is hoped that by understanding the process of dying, there will be less fear for you as you accompany your loved one as s/he dies."
Read The Process of Dying here
"How to deal with death and dying."
Interview with Marlene Eisner - Montreal Gazette Dec 11, 2009
Read the interview here

Information Pamphlets
Dawn has written the following information pamphlets and would be pleased to provide you with copies:
Growing Through Grief Aftercare Program English/French
Coping with Grief
English French
Coping with Anniversary Dates
English French
Helping a Grieving Friend
English French
Helping Children Deal with Death
English French
Involving Children in Death Rituals
English French
Making Memories . . .when your baby has died
English French

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