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Demystifying Death and Dying
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Demystifying Death and Dying

Course Design
This course will provide a broad, multi-disciplinary approach to death and dying. It is intended to assist students to become aware of personal ideas, attitudes and viewpoints in order to better understand the impact of death on individuals, the family, the community and society.

Dates: May - June
Time: Twice a week 6 – 9 pm
Instructor: Dawn Cruchet, BN, MEd, CT
Contact: tel.: 514.232.3592
  email: dawncruchet@sympatico.ca

Textbook: DeSpelder, L. & Strickland, A. (2009).
The last dance: Encountering death and dying. (8th ed.).
Mountain view, CA: Mayfield Publishing.
Course pack EDPC 508

Course Objectives

  1. To aid students in clarifying their beliefs, feelings, and thoughts about death and dying.
  2. To encourage students to explore and exchange their knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about human mortality.
  3. To provide students with the opportunity to share information, clarify values and examine personal coping behaviour.
  4. To provide relevant data in the field of thanatology.
  5. To provide the opportunity for personal growth.

EDPC 508 Demystifying Death and Dying
Class Content

  • Intro./Course Outline
  • Influence of the Media/Cross cultural influences
  • The Experience of Loss/Childhood Recollections
  • The Grief Journey
  • Death Rites and Rituals
    Field trip Mount Royal Funeral Complex and Crematorium
  • The Dying Process
  • Children and Death
  • Traumatic death - sudden, violent/war, suicide
  • Disenfranchised Loss - reproductive loss, AIDS
  • Spirituality/Palliative Care
  • Ethical Issues/ End-of-life Issues/Ethical wills
  • Chronic grief/Care for the Caregiver
  • Presentations & Course Wrap-up


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