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Crisis Support

Dawn is available to guide schools, communities, companies and other groups of people through the crisis of a key person dying. She has been involved in helping:

  • employees following the crash of SwissAir Flight 111
  • fire departments after the death of a firefighter
  • day care centres following the death of a student
  • elementary and high schools when a student dies
  • companies following the deaths of employees
  • CEGEP teachers and students following the sudden and tragic death of a student
  • communities dealing with the deaths of students

Dawn uses a crisis support model adapted to each specific situation. The following is an example dealing with a death in a school:

Crisis Support Model - Death in a School
When a death occurs in a school setting, as tragic as it is, it is an opportunity to help students develop healthy coping skills that will prepare them for life. It is important to deal with the situation at every level and in each classroom.

  1. Staff – teachers and all staff in a school need the opportunity to react to the death of a student, parent, teacher or support staff member. It is important to be aware that one loss often triggers “old losses” and staff need the opportunity to express their own concerns and reactions before they can be expected to help students deal with the tragedy. Teachers often have many questions re. children’s grief that need to be recognized, discussed and answered.
  2. Students – all students in a school dealing with the death of a member of its community need the opportunity to react to the situation, share their thoughts and feelings and talk.
  3. Parents – parents/guardians also have many questions about how to help their children deal with a tragic situation. They need a forum to talk about their concerns.

Dawn is available to guide the school through the crisis. She will meet with the staff first and then help teachers to talk about the situation with their classes or will meet students and lead discussions in individual classrooms. She also encourages and will facilitate a general Parent Meeting to answer their questions and validate this school-wide approach.

Contact Dawn to discuss your situation.

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